Lessons in Survival

This collaborative body of work provides an intimate insight into the reflections of a man who fought for twenty years to be legally recognised. Fleeing political persecution, he arrived in the UK in hope of claiming asylum, but was later denied refuge, forcing him underground and leaving him little hope for survival. Decades later, he was finally granted legal status in the country. Now in the process of restarting his life, he shares with us the lessons that his experiences have taught him. Despite knowing neither his name nor his appearance, through both his own words and photographs, we are offered an invaluable glimpse into the world through his eyes.

Venetia Menzies is a Scottish photographer and journalist focussing on investigating the myriad ways in which political and economic forces shape our society. With a background in Economics, Venetia’s work aims to combine contextual analysis of social issues with grassroots reportage, platforming the voices of closest to the issue at hand. Relying on collaborative methods to engage subjects in the telling of their story, her work explores the relationship between photographer and subject.