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My work Blueprint is part of an ongoing project exploring the methods of mass media and how manipulation and the language of power influence political debates and democratic processes. Reflecting on the visual language used before, during and since the June 2016 UK Referendum to manipulate people and to spread popular beliefs, I am interested in how the mass media contributed to a post-truth political environment.
By photographing details of publicly accessible online video content, I disassemble the visual layers into their individual parts and thereby scrutinize and recycle these pixelated, transient images. I use the blueprint, a historic proofing method, to trace the practices of the media and mirror them back.

Norman Behrendt
’s work mainly deals with the individual, cultural and political significance of places and the people defining them. Within this framework, his work exists on the boundaries between documentary and conceptual photography. Currently Behrendt is the holder of a DAAD scholarship.