Uncle Bob

“Because I had been in three different hospitals, a replacement center rather than a regular unit, it was over four months that I did not get any mail. During that time people did write. At one point my assigned job was in a mailroom. If a soldier was no longer with us, a forwarding address was put on their mail. This is what had happened to me. One day, the one in charge said there was a bundle of mail- all for one person. I hoped that person was still here. I looked at the name, he’s still here, it is me.”

-Uncle Bob, Mail From Home

This piece of work is dedicated to my great Uncle Bob. World War II veteran, farmer, teacher and storyteller.

Melissa Prieskorn
is an American photographer who earned her BA in Business from Colorado Christian University. Using her love for the arts, along with combining years of business experience, Melissa worked in product design and special event photography in Detroit, Michigan. Melissa’s current work in photography and writing extend to long-term projects, particularly focusing on travel and documentary storytelling.