Shopping is such hard work

This project explores the relationship between domestic cleaners, their work and their employers. Addressing the view that household ‘help’ is no longer exclusive to the upper classes, we have seen a spike over the last ten years in the demand for domestic help in middle class homes. It appears that the archaic ‘master/servant’ relationship no longer exists, as cleaners have become more autonomous within the domestic role; running their own businesses, taking charge of their hourly and daily rates and not just cleaning to make a ‘living’ but to make a profit.

Taken over a period of eight months, these photos document the increasing necessity for domestic help and how this ‘need’ overrides the prerequisite of trust; letting ‘outsiders’ clean the most intimate spaces of our homes, maybe allowing them to glance at the secrets not even our nearest and dearest would ever be privy to.

Lorene Farrugia
(b. 1980) combines her background as a screenwriter and author with her photography, creating projects that are both documentary and conceptual. In her free time she enjoys writing stories for her Monster Books series and taking photographs of her dog Buckley and son William.