1960-1998 José Manuel López González

My father died when I was 9 years old. His loss definitely shaped my life, as well as my mom’s and my sister’s life’s. Leafing through our family albums has been the way that we found to connect with him. It became a sort of healing therapy. In the process of looking at our family albums with my mother, we ended up selecting photographs that she had taken of my father in places that had been somehow special for us. With that in mind, I decided to revisit some of these places along with my mother, in an attempt to retrace my father’s steps.

My aim was establishing a connection between my father and myself, having my mother as a guide and a witness. What started as an exploration of absence, ended up being a visualization of presence. As well as an identity exploration, a journey to find out who my father was and who I am.

José Manuel López Goicoechea
is a Spanish photographer currently based in London. His background in Advertising and Public Relations pushed him to explore more in depth his passion for storytelling. Lately, he has been interested in the ability of photography to trigger memories and the role of photographs as evidence of presence.