Growth of the Rock

Facing to the Mediterranean Sea, Gibraltar is one of the British Overseas Territories which located at the southern end of Iberian Peninsula next to Spain. People with different cultures and identities meet and live on the Rock.

Since British took over Gibraltar, the Spanish government consistently covets the sovereignty of Gibraltar. In the Brexit referendum in 2016, 96% of Gibraltarians voted to stay with the European Union, which gives Spain the chance to seek for integrity again. While local people seem to live in a steady life, a rival simmers below the surface. Now, the future of Gibraltar still remains controversial and unsettled.

This project mainly shows landscapes taken on the Rock of Gibraltar which now serves generally for the sake of tourism in order to explore the ambivalence and uncertainties in this changing and growing area.

HU Yue
(b.1994) is a Chinese photographer who currently studies in London. Given the background of language study, she gets to know different countries and areas, which inspires her interest in culture assimilation and geopolitical issues. Her practice mainly focuses on landscapes and still lives on her road trip to unacquainted places.