39 Polaroids

When cleaning out the cupboards in the kitchen, a small box was discovered. The box contained an old Polaroid camera, which she used to photograph the family. Over a cup of tea my mother was questioned about the Polaroid camera. Asking why it had been hidden away for so long. She said that she used the camera when photographing my uncle. When he died at the age of thirty nine, the camera did not have a purpose anymore.

Every second day the bedroom that he once slept in was photographed. When photographing the room, nothing was allowed to be moved around. The only thing my grandmother touches, are the windows which she opens and closes twice a day. On this occasion, she allowed the chest of drawers to be opened and closed. The Polaroid’s needed to be kept in something where light could not enter. After walking around the room, the chest of drawers which once contained clothing was ideal. She feels that if anything gets moved in the room then its contents have been disturbed.

Ellie Parlak 
studied at the university of Buckinghamshire where she studied Law. She later moved onto Westminster where she is due to complete her studies in MA Photojournalism and DPP in September. Her work concentrated on the idea of loss and absence.